Help the Orangutan Information Centre - a small team in Indonesia - staff up to relocate Orangutans displaced by palm oil plantation deforestation and prevent farmer - Orangutan conflict.
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Orangutan Rescue Specialist
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Panut Hadisiswoyo
Field Partner
Orangutan Information Centre

Panut Hadisiswoyo's organization, Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), needs our help to fund the salary of a new member of their Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU).

Fueled by agricultural expansion, Human-Orangutan Conflict is a growing problem in Sumatra and Borneo. As more vital habitat is converted for farming, orangutans are pushed into plantations in search of food. They are considered a threat to profits and may be captured, injured or killed. In any conflict, the orangutan always loses.  The HOCRU team patrols throughout North Sumatra and Aceh, surveying agricultural landscapes, evacuating orangutans that are trapped in small pockets of forest surrounded by farmlands and relocating them back to the Gunung Leuser National Park.

The team is responsible for investigating and mitigating conflict between farmers and orangutans.  They also provide training for farming communities around the Leuser forests in safely dealing with human-orangutan conflict, helping them protect their crops without harming wildlife.  Orangutan Outreach, OIC's US partner, will provide oversight as their sponsoring US 501c3. 

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